Our cement tiles

Our Vintage-style Cement Tiles

Our cement tiles are old-style tiles, made and finished by hand one by one. Their simple, down-to-earth name (cementine in Italian) reflects the world they come from.

First conceived to clad the surfaces of humble dwellings with inexpensive and yet highly-performing materials, cement tiles soon became extensively used in the apartments of 6/8-storey buildings where blue collars who had migrated to the cities used to live. Made with a few skilfully-blended ingredients, these simple tiles are now widely appreciated by architects and interior designers alike.

Today, cement tiles have become sought-after products, selected to stand out among stereotyped items. When they are hand-made, they even take on an exclusive connotation.

World-class craftsmanship
The making/processing stage

Bottega Fontispeme’s cement tiles are made by hand following an age-old recipe. The main ingredients are cement and marble powder, skilfully blended together to flawlessly reproduce the ancient recipe. Oxides or natural dyes are then added for customisation purposes, meaning that their making is a truly unique and ad-hoc process.

No cement tile will therefore ever be identical to any other, just like every work of art.


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