Our parquet floors

Parquet floor

The term “parquet” was first used in France in the 17th century, but its origins and history date back to 3000 BC.

Indeed, during the glorious ancient Egyptian civilisation, wooden floors were used as a protection against insects. Later on, as history unravels, we also find the first precious decorations.

The famous “geometric laying” of different types and shades of wood can already be found starting in the Early Middle Ages in the British islands and in Scandinavian countries.

Today, more than ever, parquet flooring is the noblest and most sophisticated among flooring solutions, because it is extremely versatile, easy to clean and maintain, and capable of conveying a sense of warmth and cosiness.

World-class Craftsmanship
The making/processing stage

Your wish will come true: we start from your idea and take you, step by step, to the final outcome.

Hand-made solutions are wonderful to show and share. This is why our customers are the co-creators of their dreams and are able to follow every single stage of the project:

  • wood and strip size selection
  • application of the impregnation primer in the selected colour shade
  • gentle sandpapering of the wood, to prepare the surface to turn into a dream come true
  • application of the selected technique

All stages are carried out by hand by skilled craftsmen, who love seeing raw materials transform in their own hands

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Choosing a custom parquet

At a time of mass homologation as the current one, we need to surround ourselves with things that reflect our soul and identity. Bottega Fontispeme is the artisan workshop that will allow you to do so. A parquet floor is not merely a floor, but The Floor par excellence, so it is vital to select the ideal wood depending on where it will be installed. Seeing and, above all, touching the materials that we are going to use is essential: the sense of touch will make our choice easier, a bit like “love at first… touch”.