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Gianluca Fontispeme

My name is Gianluca Fontispeme and I have devoted myself to architectural conservation for over 15 years. I reclaim old parquet and cotto-tiled floors, restore old cement tiles, and bring stuccos, plasters, decorated walls and frescoes back to their original beauty.

My job has also allowed me to revive ancient, often forgotten restoration techniques.

In 2012 I was awarded the “Eccellenza Artigiana Piemonte” (Piedmont Artisan Excellence) award for plasters, stonework, cladding, decorative artefacts, and floorings.

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Bottega Fontispeme, is a brand specialising in world-class customised flooring and cladding solutions. Every single creation is made by hand using the same natural materials and craftsmanship techniques of old-time master decorators.

I offer a wide assortment of customised flooring and cladding solutions, ranging from carved, hand-painted parquet floors to vintage cement tiles, typical of late-19th/early 20th-century architecture, and plasters.

Bottega Fontispeme’s services
Conservation and Restoration

Bottega Fontispeme currently works in two parallel fields, always with the same passion and care for details.

On the one hand, conservation, restoration and the reclamation of original flooring and cladding solutions – a service I am able to provide thanks to my more-than-ten-year experience in this sector.

On the other, the creation of a custom collection that blends together age-old craftsmanship techniques and contemporary design, ideal even in modern architectural settings.

This unique dual offer is targeted to those who do not want to renounce the timeless warmth and style of natural, environmentally-friendly materials and solutions.
Neither in classical homes, nor in contemporary settings.


Why should you choose Bottega Fontispeme?
Painstaking care for details
In every single project, I devote the utmost care to the tiniest details – because they are “your tiny precious details”
Individual Consulting
In every project I develop customised, bespoke solutions, taking you through every step, from the initial survey all the way to project completion
Quality and Punctuality
L'accurata selezione delle materie prima ti coinvolgerà personalmente e la puntualità della consegna renderà unica l'esperienza